July 27, 2010
By mariahbleau PLATINUM, Tamarindo, Other
mariahbleau PLATINUM, Tamarindo, Other
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\\\"\\\"Fools\\\", said I, \\\"You do not know, silence like a cancer grows. Hear my words that I might teach you, take my arms that I might reach you\\\"But my words, like silent raindrops fell, and echoed, in the wells of silence \\\"-Simon & Garfunkel

I was dreaming, someone whispering to my ear,
Saying its okay, telling me not to fear
The vague promise to myself, that last tear
That flowed down my cheeks, to disappear
Within my soul, and soon everything was clear
Verses and Strophes are the only way my heart could heal

I saw him walk away; the wind carried him out of my world
The emotions took over me, my heart was savagely hurled
And then broken hearted under my covers I curled

Crying out memories; those that hunted my mind every time I dared to blink

But even though he destroyed me inside, he opened my eyes, made me think
At realizing it was the own weight of my emotions which made me sink
But again, it was love, which made me throw myself into the air from the steep brink

And this is pain, that my blood drains, that my heart blains,
And this is pain that my blood drinks, and my heart shrinks!

If God made hearts made of glass, so easy to break
How could God give him the power to my world so easily shake?
And with one glance my breath so successfully take?
How come we humans are so easy to break?

I heavily breathe in the cold air, ready to leave forever our lair
I try to hold my tears, but emotions are way too much for me to bear
It is not sadness what makes me weep; it is not regret that haunts my sleep
It is nothing but the past's stare, the disappointment's steady glare
That piercing look that follows me everywhere
The could have beens, the once upon a times
The pointless words, the senseless rhymes
To realize the view was not worth the climb

But what hurts the most is looking back at us
And realize I was so blind
At thinking love was what in his arms I ought to find
Today I have discovered the trickiness of the mind
And as the time goes by, and the feelings unbind
I plea disappointment to allow me to breathe, but it is not that kind

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