July 27, 2010
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what is it within its spell? That compells

the soul, keen enough to hear, emotions

played by the gentle hand, passionate heart

shared with the air, delightful sounds, sang

by the voice that yearns, to free the mind,

and allow the shades of color, climb the scale

to hit the note, oh heart devote, to expression

poignant art, you represent my heart, singing

in its moonlight shades, or brightest reds, loving

the melody, the notes jazzing up, dancing in the sun,

and raindrops fall, they create, those crystal drops

tears, Do mayor, pain cries, a million chords, shiver

the screeching tune, gapsing memories, the ghosts

of the past, melancholy, defines the pitch, hearbroken

blending with, the lightness of the Si bemol, stricken

by the blissful hands, voices of hope, delighted by

emotions released, relived, with music they can fly

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