July 30, 2010
By katestar BRONZE, Lincolnshire, Other
katestar BRONZE, Lincolnshire, Other
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My dear husband of 40 years,
I never had to hide the tears,
I shed upon the kitchen floor,
Whilst he stands in shock at the old oak door.
The phone, we had been dreading to answer,
Had just told me my husbands fate- cancer.

It was just a month ago,
We received this life changing blow.
Living everyday in tears,
I just wanted to end the fear.

What have we done to deserve such pain?
I dream and I pray and I hope in vain,
Watching my loved one fall apart before my eyes,
I cannot keep living if my loved one dies.

Cold October winds whisk the sea breeze,
I wanted somewhere he liked, he was always so hard to please,
Now he just stands there, broken and still,
Up on this empty Cliffside hill.

My dear husband of 40 years,
I never needed to hide the tears,
I knew my selfish pain would never end,
His crooked back, never mend,
Until I stepped forward, closed my eyes.
And pushed my dear husband over the Cliffside.

The author's comments:
wrote this for my BTEC Acting course :) x

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