I: Because I believe

July 30, 2010
By moonchild1093 SILVER, Miami, Florida
moonchild1093 SILVER, Miami, Florida
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I guess it’s a form of the
Invulnerability of youth, this
"Don’t want to jinx it, but this
may be it, I could be the
exception to the rule the
one out of the a million,"
the Sunshine invaded your Self
and you Smiling, departed from what you know
and built your castles in the sky.
then they with painted faces, tore.
But you had a good run, short lived as it was.
well, wake up sweetheart.
Time for life. But you can hide in your
Denial. Denial. Denial.
But the truth still remains.
You argue, up against the wall,
called out from your
High tower, your
Castle in the Sky.
Reluctant is your climb down, but managed to
smuggle a smidgen of hope in your shoe.
Every once in a while on the ground, when you think
nobody is looking, you take it out the shiny thing,
admire your reflection in its
but its not long that it tears you apart
Denial. Denial. Denial.
a childhood comrade that was beloved, berated, then betrayed
it whispers rumors of Happily Ever Afters and tells tales about fairness.
They see you. They will
Try to steal it away from you with
torturous "I might never"s
or "its not me. It’ll never be me"s
and "no such thing as second chances"s
Your tiny treasure of human nature leads to your own destruction.
You are a
Let Me Be. I Am Nothing. I Have Nothing. I See Nothing. I Feel Everything.
You descend into the customary spiral of
Denial. Denial. Denial.
The thieves succeed and your
precious beloved, berated, and betrayer is exiled for a while, until
Tired of this shutting-out of experience, you call it back in
Give it a second chance to provide a second chance.
and we
Hope anyways, even when the foreshadowing is clear and the
Odds are not in our favor and we
get our Happy Endings.
But don’t forget that
Suffering begets the greatest Art
and one song can save the world

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