A Questioned Livestyle

July 30, 2010
By emigirl4ever GOLD, Round Rock, Texas
emigirl4ever GOLD, Round Rock, Texas
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Silent dissapointments. Three sad truths. Pressed to my heart. And
sometimes, it hurts to know
I myself have committed them.
I'd like to think
That being a Christian
Means always making the right choice
Means never saying a curse word
Means telling others.
But, over and over again...
I have seen people bend the laws
I have heard a mighty name
Used in vain.
And I have yet to hear
Someone stand up for truth.
Some claim to "live for Christ," yet tend to curse at his name, in any moment.
To defy the wishes of others.
Where is the truth in that?
No where near this lifestyle, my friends.
I often wonder if I am really alone
In this battle of good and evil
Inside this building
Of thousands of students.
I often wonder
What he thinks
Or she thinks
When they say His name.

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