Forever With Me

July 30, 2010
By herahami GOLD, Levittown, New York
herahami GOLD, Levittown, New York
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love is a delusion between two people if it exists at all

my dreams of dark skies
or wordless flies
my heart will twist to you
on days so gray
when you just want to fly away
my soul will cry for you
a cold so bare
that she gave quite a scare
my love will sing for you
a shadow girl in the roughs
while I am on the bluffs
as hard as I try
for a dreamless sleep
my mind will always
turn to you
so what about you that brings me to fantasize
to make my head unable to recognize
my love in which i will franchise
for you
as you dance with her
because i have tripped on a burr
that everyone but you
can hear my heart sing
of a love that could be great
because your the one that I'm singing for
I've asked once but I'll ask some more
do you see my heart soar
why can't you see your the one I want to be
forever with me

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