bleeding soul

July 26, 2010
By , levittown, NY
a sinking feeling
wet tears falling
down an already broken trail
a broken heart
a line to bleed on
a song to sing
a poem to write
the way to the soul
the hard steel solos
cover the bleeding
leave it to scares
no longer helps
a broken soul
a bleeding spirit
clouds of doubt
wishing i was dyeing
a lost soul
sinking deeper into the shadows
no longer will to move foward
but the pain is too strong to go back
i want to dissapear
make the problems go away
to heal the bleeding soul
is to leave the scare behind
to break myself
while leaving the shadows behind
falling deeper into
the black vortex
the shadow of remorse

cry out
the pain is my own
deeper and deeper
still falling with no hands
to pull me out

who will be my savior
who will be the hand
to catch me
from my fall

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