This Love

July 26, 2010
By , Bunnell, FL
You are like a kitten
Adorable and beautiful
Tender,sweet and loving
And so soft to stroke and caress
Even of I may not understand you
Like you want me to
I care about you so very much
This love I have for you
Is very strong
Whenever you're mad at me
I just can't go on
You're beauty shines into my eyes
You may not realize
But you're the reason
Why I get up
So early in the morning
And doll myself up
Even if you'll never love me
Like I love you
I just want you to know
This love
Has enough power to light up the whole sun
You're the one for me hun
Simply take my hand
Make me feel joyful again
Wipe away my tears
Sing into my ear
And make my day
Kiss me
And say everything will be okay
Visit me in my dreams at night
You are the sunshine of my life <3

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