That Day (Things You'll Never Know That I'll Never Say)

June 28, 2010
I believe
there are perfect little moments in life
like pieces of light that illuminate the whole of your world
speeding your brain into full use
and rainbows flow without prisms
are my key to loving life
constantly proving that life is beautiful
Days pass in the seconds I look in your eyes
and the world turns just a little slower to eke out more light
more time: the most precious of all commodities
in your grace
There are times when I bask in your shadow as you skip
over asphalt veins
There is a place we escape to when the world suffocates
and we get away
lace up our Converse
close your eyes
open one eye down the line of your finger
and just go
we count the clouds in lines while the creek burbles beneath us:
sitting on the ledge, dangling our summer legs
scribing passages on the stones that built us up
and never looking down the long, dark tunnel beneath
it reminds us of death: close and pressuring
but never gaping to welcome
we are young and lively as we make the diamonds on the water
at noon
finding crystals in the dirt
and running our hands through our hair
you've got your beauty abounding
push back your bronze sunlight curls in a purple banded headband
with a Universe T-shirt and elephant boxers
and I've got you
even if only for a moment
we make a special kind of friendship
like dripping golden summer
with your mouth open, blowing bubbles
that pop in melodies like wind chimes that sing:
oh where the wind blows

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