Sound of settling

June 28, 2010
I fall in love the way the wood smells
fresh and distinctive
I breathe it in, petals of the fallen blossoms
pulling in and pushing out in synch
The spring winds stir, pulling at sandy brown tresses
my strands dance in front of my face
I lie down, face up towards the spiraling sky
framed by the bare limbs that tangle: silhouetted in black
against the dusk sky:
an odd almost-blue
staring up, I see all the little frames in which we hold the universe
inside one speck of sky surrounded by oak branches,
a supernova is exploding
like butterfly wings opening to create tsunamis
like the massive wave of shadow that over takes me now
in the fading light
everything is so still and cool
life winds down
and the alcohol goes down with the sun,
blurring all the edges,
softening every sharpness
into settling

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