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June 28, 2010
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I am from Virginia,
In a small town named Woodstock,
Where there are more trees than people,
And the air shifts from smelling of trees
And flowers, to smelling of fertilizer.
I am from thrift stores,
Playing among the clothes,
Feeling the infinite possibilities of who
I could be.
I am from life and love and sun.
I am from skin that never tans,
And from easy patience.
I am from cream soda and summer-time jokes,
Friendships that don’t end, but fade,
Then come back stronger.
I am from believing in what I fight for,
And fighting for what I believe in.
I am from the sky,
Bright blue or dull grey.
I am from feelings and temperatures,
Freezing or simmering, happy or sad.
I am from quick tempers and cold pizza,
Microwave meals and lovely chaos.
I am from books, hidden lands,
And different lives.
I am from imagination, cartoons,
And writing.
But most importantly,
I am.

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