June 28, 2010
By garima92 BRONZE, Brampton, Other
garima92 BRONZE, Brampton, Other
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He asked,
What’s poetry for?
Rap is what it’s all about.
Wise man said,
Son you’re smart
So go figure it out.
He said,
“Poetry is trees, dead people, and values”
Its stuff I don’t care about
Rap is where
With freedom of word
People hear me out.
Money, girls, drugs
I can say what I want
No limit or rubric
To judge the words that come out of my mouth
Wise man said: two words
“generation gap”
You write you, I write me,
Now do you understand
What poetic liscence is about?
We don’t spit and cuss
We are about irony and the deeper meaning
Now you tell me,
you or me,
Who’s been published and praise about?

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