Fool out of me

June 28, 2010
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I made a fool out of me so my love didn't have to make a fool out of you. Because you weren't ready to understand the world and it's ways. Love and it's face.
You weren't ready to see that.
One moment ago you said you were aining for my heart, and you broke it. Just like you said you would, and I am blown away. Because I was thrown away by my own love.
I didn't know what it was like to feel the things I had never felt before. It scared me, because my heart didn't know how to handle it.
My first heartbreak came, the day I knew you existed. I had done just fine, until you. I came into your life. you didn't come into mine. Therefore heartbreaks seed had been planted. Love will never love as strong as I could love it. I knew that from the moment I saw you. The wind carried my breath with it as it traveled through time; so that when I thought of you, I wouldn't be able to breathe.
So that the pain could kill me, because of how much I love you. As I fell you go away.
I made a fool out of me so my love didn't have to make a fool out of you.
I knew I had to let you go free.
Even if that meant I couldn't sleep, and couldn't breathe. Holding on to a love that don't love you won't make it love you
back. Because love is the rain that falls to the ground.
Heartbreak is the thorns of the red rose that cut you; and that type of pain never goes away.
When the cut is deep the wound can't heal. And if the wound can't heal, forever is a million of the same days lived, until you die.
What is this love, but a fool's dream when they're sleeping?
What is this love if happiness forgets about you?
If life can go on without you.
I made a fool out of me for you, so my love didn't make a fool out of your heart.
Since you were already blinded by the love of living that your life had no room for me to be free in.

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