Soused Strawberries

June 28, 2010
By sesquipedalia SILVER, Sydney, Other
sesquipedalia SILVER, Sydney, Other
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Nowhere's now here smelling of junipers.

I fall, dreaming
of soused strawberries
swimming in frozen yoghurt,
serpentine tears
trailing on fogging glass.
I see the expansive sea
swallowing, glutting
the shattered heart,
its sledged stakes- a crimson pyre
flames licking blackness.
You hold
my fragmented sorrow
my love, night child of Erebus.
In the Never, we
link hands torched to
burning flesh so I weep
at our ashes, at tears
huddling to a shivery loamy dusk.
Soured strawberries convulse
in their bowl,
we fall to

The author's comments:
'A Void without Closure' (altered to 'Soused Strawberries'-- alliteration attracts attention, no?) is a series of vignettes describing my feelings at the time of writing (composed without thought for my poor readers one or two hours ago).

Admittedly, the subject matter is ambiguous: strawberries and burning pyres? No mind-altering drugs were taken in the writing process I assure you.

This is a prose’s cry to Poetry; I believe bland old prose can aspire to be placed alongside 'higher' forms e.g. sonnets, lyrical ballads, etc.

Please unleash your critical analyses by commenting, thanks.

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