Just For You

June 27, 2010
By Mercylynn BRONZE, Coyle, Oklahoma
Mercylynn BRONZE, Coyle, Oklahoma
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Favorite Quote:
"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and then throw it in the face of the person who gave you the lemons until they give you the oranges you originally asked for."
— Cassandra Clare
"The naked truth of it is, I have no shirt."

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I sing numbers in my head
Counting all the times you broke my heart
Sometimes I believe that I'll go over 50.
Does it matter that I've cried bloody tears
Just for you?
No of course not.

I'll take all your pain
I'll show you a door to light
I'll take your trouble and
Flush it down the drain.
I would do it all and moreĀ 
Just for you.

I'm trying to be a better person
But I can't erase my past
I can make a better future,
That hopefully you will be in.

We could go through the bumpy roads
We can climb up a mountain,
But if you get tired and fall...
I'll carry you back up it again.

See how things could be?
See the person that I could be?
And I would do it all
Just for you...

The author's comments:
Well what would you do for the people you love?

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