My Angel

June 27, 2010
By Hippy_Angel BRONZE, Farmington, Michigan
Hippy_Angel BRONZE, Farmington, Michigan
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You're the one who gave me my wings and tought me to fly
Such beauty that would belong to an angel
You're the one that picks me up when I fall and brake into peices
A fallen soul lost and heart torn like it was nothing
you have the needle and thread to sow me up again
to where and how I was before
You're the one that makes me smile on the darkest day
the clouds just seem to roll away
you're the saint when I'm the devils best friend
conqureing the battle untill the end
You're the one that's my blanket sheltering my from the cold
when everybodys body and soul is being sold
You're the one who I tell my secerets to
the old and the new, the dark and the true
But most importantly,you're the one I can count on through the years
from laugher and tears
You alone can help a fallen angel fly again

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem when I was thinking of someone very dear to me.And he will always be my friend.

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