June 27, 2010
bullet.with.butterfly.wings PLATINUM, Katy, Texas
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you wear guilt like shakles on your feet, like a maiden in distres, like a halo in reverse

Because once in a while
You decide to believe
In miracles
You see things in a different light
And find inspiration
In the darkest depths
Of your souls counterpoint
You start hearing strange noises
In dead silence
The sound of a sweet symphony
Awakens the birds and devils in your ear
You find the one holding your heart gladly
Saying it’s all right
You slowly start falling
And release any truth your eyes couldn’t explain
You feel the waves in crashing air
Float amongst the vibrations
Push through the wind until your tips find the very bottom
And push away knowing
Your not alone
You figure out the black cloud
Above your whitest dreams
And find the one needle
That can pop it and be gone
You break out of your iron cage
Knowing it’s only for you
Subliminally it could be for them
Because once in a while
You decide to believe
In miracles

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