I See the Mask

June 29, 2010
I see the mask
Upon your face
You try to hide,
But there’s no escape.

Running here
Darting there
The cold truth is
You’re really scared.

Monsters lurking
Through the night
Waiting for someone,
To die of fright.

Back against the wall,
Waiting for hell
Keeping cold secrets
No one could ever tell.

I see the mask
Upon your face
Cold like stone
That nothing could phase.

They break your heart
And tear it in two
And tell you lies,
But you aren’t moved.

That mask
Upon your face,
Why is it there?
What part does it play?

A cracked whip
A bloodied slave
Broken in body
But spirit saved.

Don’t judge me
For you are not God
But how can you take your beating
And just stand there and nod?

Bodies grow colder,
As life slips away.
Vengeance is coming
And someone will pay.

I see the mask
Upon your face.
Hiding pain
But slowly breaking away.

Without your mask
Upon your face
What will you do?
Now that this is the case?

Without that mask
Upon your face
I see the real you
The one that God made.

Without the shadiness,
Or somewhere to hide.
But just you,
An empty shell of lies.

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