Giving Up

June 27, 2010
By , Florida, FL
and i'm so tired
the bottoms of my feet
stained black from wandering
around these circles
anger seething through
broken headphones
draining a cigarette like
i have more
down to nothing
keep on walking
hoping to be alright
that the sun will feel
warm again
even though i
went and messed up again
like i always do
broke the promise
i swore to keep
even if only to myself
cuz i can't help
but to wander the wrong way
wishing fairy tales were true
and something would
come and make me perfect
just like that
always believed it
one day i'd just be ok
and everything would turn
out to be fine
but that's not how it works
no ones watching
no f***ing angels
fairy godmothers
no goddess or god
or the thriving force
that binds us all
from childhood prayer
wild eyed and ready
turns into despair
when everything is wrong
and i mess up a lot
can't be perfect
just like everybody else
there's no freaking sunshine
when i'm failing out of school
and screwing up everything
good that comes into my life
i'm no good enough
for all that s***
just like everybody
nothing special
gonna fail
gonna fall
gonna screw up
and i don't care.

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