June 27, 2010
By KohavHashachar BRONZE, Fresh Meadows, New York
KohavHashachar BRONZE, Fresh Meadows, New York
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'don't worry so much what people think of you: most people rarely think"

She's staring me down,

Just her eyes make me drown,

I know what shes done,

And I wish I could run,

Away from her evil, away from her gaze,

Away from her sins, and her savage ways,

Shes broken a heart, she shows no regret,

But I know she will likely never forget,

Her face stays cool, pretends not to care,
Denies that it matters that he isn't there,
Goes on with life, as if nothing has changed,
Even though her whole life is now rearranged,

Her eyes are steady, will not look away,
My eyes are struggling, hard, not to stray,
The smile she wears kills me inside,
It disgusts me-I'm yearning to hide,

Wanting so desperately not to look,
Needing so much to avoid the crook,
Willing my eyes to lower, to close,
Commanding my eyelids to tiredly doze,

But nothing is happening; I try my feet,
Tell them to move, to turn, just to retreat,
I feel myself twisting, the image is too,
It disappears, as does her view,

But as she goes, I feel a part of me leave,
The one part I couldn't deceive,
It knows she is me, It knows I am her,
It knows she is me, in the bathroom mirror.

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