Giving Into Temptation

July 30, 2010
By animalover1928 BRONZE, Murrieta, California
animalover1928 BRONZE, Murrieta, California
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Finding you... In such a big chaotic universe,
Was all I ever dreamed of, A dream come true,
I thought I'd be alone forever, Couldn't imagine anything worse,
Like God wanted me to find you, An angel out of the blue.

A fire burning in my heart, Telling me everything's okay,
So many things running through my mind, So much to say,
I want to see that smile of yours, And be in your comforting arms,
I couldn't resist your sweetness, And your unforgettable charm.

Giving into temptation, Would be the end of time,
You complete who I am, Your my partner without crime,
We've never met, But I constantly feel your presence,
Like knowing you love me, Is just another sense.

Can't help but wonder, If we're meant to be,
I'm addicted to the feeling, Baby, Please don't leave,
My heart starts to race as I ponder on our future meet,
Thinking of ways to change, So history doesn't repeat.

Love comes not only from the heart, But from logic as well,
Love is not found often, But most on which human's dwell,
Is this just another fantasy; Or is this actually real?
Baby, Please don't break my heart, It won't easily heal.

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