Final Chapter

July 30, 2010
The world's coming to an end.. As my life flashes before my eyes,
Can't wait to leave this hell-hole.. With everything I despise,
Raining teardrops, As I beg for answers never given,
This agonizing pain I feel, The demons inside me have finally risen.

Eating away at my flesh.. They hunger for my soul,
Gnawing through my flesh and bones.. As if the story's been foretold,
Demolishing every precious memory, Each covered with blood,
Please help me now! It's suffocating me! Im drowning through this flood!

Begging for mercy... As if it will get them out,
Don't let this torment go on.. I'll never survive this doubt!
The final chapters been written, This is the end of it all,
I surrender my soul to you... This is my final downfall.

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