July 30, 2010
By Gothicwolf BRONZE, Manhattan Beach, California
Gothicwolf BRONZE, Manhattan Beach, California
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Favorite Quote:
Im a crow in a flock of doves

A crow in a group of doves
the black sheep
the kid that "everyone" avoids
such is called a outcast
we feel like we may not belong
and it is true that we dont
but isn't being different a good thing?
does not being a fashion slave made you unapproachable?
Some may think so
but for those who understand the pain of not fitting in
it all fits
and because of this understanding of pain
a friendship is bond
so outcast is no more
now its outcasts
so dont feel bad because you are not accepted
because someone, will accept you
someone that you dont have to act to be friends with
someone that will turn outcast to outcast`s

The author's comments:
i used to be the outcast but i made friends..

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