Do You See Me?

June 26, 2010
By Anonymous

I hope that one of these days;
my dad will see through my said 'okays'
That when i call only every once in a while
it's in a hope he'll pick up the phone and dial
I hope people understand i really do love my dad
But my attempts to get his attention is rather pathetic and sad.
I know he loves me, i really do;
but sometimes i forget and think, 'do i matter to you?'
When i get ready to see him i try to be prepared;
but i always get the feelings of excited and scared.
We go to the movies, we chill at the house;
but when it's time to go or he goes to work i become silent, small and forgotten, just like a mouse.
I know he loves me, i really do;
but i can't but think, 'do i matter to you?'
Is it true when they say,'out of sight, out of mind.'?
If so, you and i are in a big bind
When you see me, do you think that's my girl!
Or are you trying to remember the name of the show with that guy named Earl?
I knoy you love, me i truely do.
But i can't help to say, do you see me, do YOU?!
I love you, even when you forget you have a daughter here.
When i think of this, i have to shed a tear.
I know you love me, i really do.
But i have to ask, Do you see me, well do you?

The author's comments:
I hope that when people read this that if they don't see thier father often, that you're not alone. Yeah it hurts that he's not around, and you wonder does he care, can he care? I wonder all the time, even when i talk to him. My dad inspired this poem, because i barely every talk to him and even though i don't really know him, i can't help but to miss him.

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