Do You See Me?

June 26, 2010
By , tucson, AZ
I hope that one of these days;
my dad will see through my said 'okays'
That when i call only every once in a while
it's in a hope he'll pick up the phone and dial
I hope people understand i really do love my dad
But my attempts to get his attention is rather pathetic and sad.
I know he loves me, i really do;
but sometimes i forget and think, 'do i matter to you?'
When i get ready to see him i try to be prepared;
but i always get the feelings of excited and scared.
We go to the movies, we chill at the house;
but when it's time to go or he goes to work i become silent, small and forgotten, just like a mouse.
I know he loves me, i really do;
but i can't but think, 'do i matter to you?'
Is it true when they say,'out of sight, out of mind.'?
If so, you and i are in a big bind
When you see me, do you think that's my girl!
Or are you trying to remember the name of the show with that guy named Earl?
I knoy you love, me i truely do.
But i can't help to say, do you see me, do YOU?!
I love you, even when you forget you have a daughter here.
When i think of this, i have to shed a tear.
I know you love me, i really do.
But i have to ask, Do you see me, well do you?

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