let go

June 26, 2010
By Anonymous

you took my hand and i ran with you
only to realize the love wasnt true
i cant do this to myself again
i have to let you go while i can

if only we could change our lives
and keep how we feel inside
but thats just not the way life goes
you never know what the future holds

i cant tell you now how i really feel
i guess i need to keep things real
i dont want to play any games with your mind
but for some reason i cant leave you behind

i know what im doing is best for me
maybe things just werent meant to be
and maybe someday that will all change
i guess i will wait for my life to re-arrange

so until then, i must say goodbye
so i beg you please, just dont try
to change my mind tomorrow or today
because right now things need to be this way

The author's comments:
written when love wasnt so easy to face. things were complicated. we wanted things to work, but we didnt have time for eachother. things hurt really badly. we needed to go our separate ways so we could move on. things just hurt so bad.

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