"I Am"

June 26, 2010
I am Lilith's Cave
I wonder why people go in me but never out
I hear people choking and singing songs of death
I see nothing because of the darkness inside of me
I want to know why I must be used for evil
I am Lilith's Cave

I pretend nothing evil really happens between my walls
I feel as though the Angel of Death is hanging over me
I touch those who did not deserve to die
I worry that my evils will never be put to rest
I cry for those who will never return from my depths
I am Lilith's Cave

I understand that what is being done is awful
I say that everything will be alright when I know it won't
I dream that this evil isn't really happening
I try to keep my doors closed so that no more will suffer
I hope that some of my evils will be forgiven
I am Lilith's Cave

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