July 29, 2010
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Trapped. going on believing one thing your entire life, basing dreams off it, imagining what it’ll be like, your so close… and then with one small inclination, everything s h a t t e r s. An explosion of both passion and emotion arise and you find yourself with a feeling of nothing but betrayal and limitation. You’ve been lied to, they were lying when they said you were capable of anything, they were lying when they said they would never let you down, and they were lying when they said that they wanted what was best for you. In reality, your life is just another one of their accomplishments, another thing they can say they’ve achieved. you try to speak up, speak out but none of your words can be heard. You scream and yell but to no avail you fall to your knees in your silent d e s p a i r. Witnessing as your life crumbles around you, you are trapped. concealed within the walls they have set for you, the walls you never saw until now. As you try to break through, you fall weak, short of breath and suffer. I wish I could tell you help was on its way, but I’d only be lying.

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Writer2grave said...
Aug. 21, 2010 at 4:16 pm
Very very creative, we're like trophies on a shelf, aren't we?
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