My Confession

July 29, 2010
I’m Catholic, it’s always been, a substantial chunk of who I am.
But I’ve been doin things lately that conflict with my faith and,
Would make the Saints themselves roll over in their graves.
See, just when you thought this world was not, something that could control you,
Your faith’s too strong;
You lose control.
And everything you’ve ever know is split in two cause' the very glue
That God Himself infused in you,
Can weaken too.
And now this sin my life is soaked in,
In this world that I’m caught up in, makes it hard for me
To contemplate the way my life’s been unstably rolllin.
I still stop and smell the roses, if
By roses you mean women and
Fine alcoholic substances.
I'm lovin' life more than ever it's the forever
that scares the feathers off me like I'm a Goddamn chicken,
my heart quickens; not knowin where i'm goin after all this shit
here ends.
I’m a different person, my eyes are opened
But my soul is broken.
And everyday I hope and pray that this is all a dream,
That Im still me; that faith-filled Catholic kid
Who kept the lid on his box of sins locked tightly.
But that’s just not reality.
My Pandora’s Box is open.. but unlike the mythical verse, it
won't consume the earth, only my soul and for what its worth,
I still talk to God and hope and pray that one day he'll make all my burdens go away. and then I’ll finally be
Ready to receive,
You, into my life Lord, Amen, I believe.

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Shminkanator5000 said...
Aug. 19, 2010 at 8:25 pm
I loved every word of this poem, and I think that this was a great way to let your confession out. I especially loved the Pandoras Box part, I thought that was very creative. Check out some of my stuff? i'd appreciate it =)
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