Fire and Ice

June 27, 2010
By LoveMakesAndBreaks BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
LoveMakesAndBreaks BRONZE, San Gabriel, California
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Just like God's fate and human's free will
Fire and Ice cannot coexist
MY fire and YOUR ice cannot coexist
Only one shall reign superior
Your ice heralded triumph at first
Treating my struggle like nothing
But an annoying wick
But Little Did you and I know that
My Fire Will continuously Blow and endless be reborn
As an erupting volcano, serving a purpose
The final destination must be achieved
My Fire and Your ice Clashed for the second time
And Unknowingly
I became Consumed in the fire that I created
The gorging fire within me, those in my heated eyes
Hotter than a Phoenix when ablaze
Demonstrates such sizzling passion for a human being
But your unbreakable sheer ice
Your icy-blue shattering, piercing words
Overwhelms my only living source
Sending it to a trance of discontinuation,
Disposed the fire residing within me
Broke any means of another flame
Unchaining binds of images of being interwined as one
Unlike our last clash
I do not resist your piercing ice
Shrilling on my subtle Fire
I solemnly comply with your uninviting presence
And allow it to bring the downfall to my fire
Both Fire and Ice Cannot be intertwined
You once again reign triumphant
But No longer Do I resist, I accept
And now,
MY Fire bends and curves with YOUR Ice

The author's comments:
All my poems are inspired by that once special person that we feel we are "the one" for. However, sometimes, things go terribly wrong and dreams get crushed.

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