One Way to Fall Over Millions of You

June 27, 2010
By Anonymous

I walked a million steps
Hoping I would not start tripping
Held my head high, counted my breathes
Made sure you were looking
Just like that my pride started ripping
And I thought nothing was going to start sinking
Until I saw that it was me that was drowning

Giving it all up is not my style
But now I know I am not perfect
Because there been promises that I had not been keeping
And there been dreams that I had started leaving
Now I’m reaching up high but your not there to help
I was acting up the world
And you did a wonderful job of mocking back

I thought wrong, that I can do better alone
Now it does not matter because the picture is fading
I’m losing my grip and leaving the scene
I think of how everything step by step turned out true
Just the way you told me it would

Now you say that people can change
Let me try to take a different lane
I had turned around and ran into a mirror
I felt the pain, just another mistake
But so what my scars are invisible
So let the fog thicken, I am losing the spotlight

Will that ever happen again
To be saved once again by you
Now I know all I need is you by my side
Be my superhero, this journey can not pass like this
Will you come back to pick me up, spin me in the air
And make my world start moving again

Seeing that though I walked away
I can start over, I know it is easy to say
But all I know is I do not plan to shine
I just hope to live in the sky like everyone else
No, I do not want to be any shooting star
Because in the end they fall too

This feeling is a little broken
It’s not easy picking up the pieces
But I will find my reflection
The next time I run into that mirror
I will see something beautiful, Hopefully my renewed soul
With some hidden faith lying here and there

I was not good enough for it before
But now I’ll be ready to live up to it with you
I guess I made a fall over millions of you
When all I needed was just one of you to believe in me

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