Love,Heartache,and the Realization of that First Love

July 16, 2010
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Love is Love
Plain and Simple

No matter how hard you try nothing can ever replace your First Love.

Nothing can replace:

that kiss.

that touch.

that laugh.

that look.

that embrace.

Or their face.

Nothing can come close to:

the places once shared.

the songs once sung.

the glances once given.

the jokes that were done.

That Heartache is the most painful.

You can't help but wonder:

Who's your replacement?

What will you do?

When will you stop crying?

Where will you go from here and

Why did it all have to end?

You go through the stages:

Everything reminds you of them.

You can't watch a romance movie without bursting into tears.

You can't bear to think their with another doing the things you believed were sacred and only ment for just you.

But then..

You stop crying.

You find your theme song to life, and sing it to the world,(secretly to him),that you don't need anyone and your the best and as Tina Turner would say "Better than all the rest".

Months go by and your doing fine.

Then an event passes that was ment for you two, and oh Girl, you collapse.

But you slowly forget and begin again.

All that reminds you of that Love is a single tear drop that falls on your pillow before you go to bed.

But then..

Someone else wants to come in.

Ha I guess you can say here we go again.

But you don't rush.

You take caution.

You make sure you do it right this time.

And then..

Realization becomes to replace those pints of chocolate ice cream you've been eating.

You realize you can love again.

You realize you can be happy no matter how many clouds there are outside.

Hey! You even realize that you can be "Singing in the Rain"

But seriously..

You realize that your First Love will always be in your heart.

And it's kinda funny because now you begin to realize maybe it wasn't you.

Maybe they were scared.

Maybe they didn't want a heartache.

Maybe they just weren't it

or Maybe

They are somewhere remembering:

that kiss.

that touch.

that laugh.

that look .

that embrace.

Or your face.

Nothing, for them, can come close to:

the places you two shared.

the songs you two sung.

the glances you'd give him.

the jokes that were done.

and maybe he's wondering:

Who is makin her laugh?

What the heck did i do?

When did i believe i stoped loving her?

Where did i come up with the idea that i could replace her.

Why the heck did i realize this untill now?

But if this doesn't happen then don't trip.

Love is Love
Plain and Simple

Nothing will distroy your first Love, and Love will not stop even if your First Love does. It just keeps going.

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