July 16, 2010
By fibonaccimathgenius BRONZE, Birmingham, Michigan
fibonaccimathgenius BRONZE, Birmingham, Michigan
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I can feel the raindrops hit my face
As I stand there in the middle of the storm,
My arms spread wide.
The thunder rumbles and booms above me
And I laugh.
Just stand there and laugh,
Because I am free.
My bare feet squelch in the mud
As I run across the yard and into the street.
The asphalt is all puddles and splashes
As I dance.
I twirl myself in circles,
My arms waving and my face to the sky.
My mouth is stretched wide in a grin,
The first real smile I’ve enjoyed in weeks.
The clouds above me are dark,
And I can’t see any cars or other people
Out in the gale.
The fierce wind whips through my hair
And tangles it into sodden knots,
But I don’t mind.
My skin shines with crystal raindrops,
Fallen jewels that make me beautiful
In this glorious moment.
I am soaked to the bone and shivering,
But that doesn’t matter.
I am the empress,
The goddess,
The witch,
The elf,
The leader,
Anything and everything that I want to be.
Jumping and skipping, I make my way back
To the side door of the small house.
I steel myself to go back,
And I open the door.
I drip onto the welcome mat.
My hair is no longer flying in a maelstrom
Around my face, but
Hangs limp on my shoulders,
Stringy and wet.
The crystal raindrops that moments ago
Adorned my skin
Could be tears running down my cheeks,
Racing to roll off of my sharp chin.
But as I dry my face with a rough towel,
They disappear.
There can be no tears now.
The bright lights dominate my view,
And I long for the rumbling gray clouds
That I can no longer see.
The laugh and grin are memories,
Private moments that must be concealed.
The splashes and mud are nonexistent inside,
Where everything is orderly and dry.
There is no chaos except for the occasional broken dish or
Malfunctioning appliance.
People must be in control of everything.
My light flickers into darkness
As the power goes out,
The storm’s last revenge.
And I am free again.

The author's comments:
There was a giant rainstorm and I went out to dance in it and run around. I got soaked, but it inspired me to write this poem. It is raw - I didn't edit it at all. It's the original, which is how I think it should be.

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