Thoughts of a Open un-Healing Heart

July 16, 2010
By Lexiz17 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lexiz17 GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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live life to the fullest so your wont have no regrets

The thoughts of an un-healing heart
The pain from love
The ice from people
The heat from unknowing eyes
The sting from assuming words
The unknowing hate from the world around

Life is once so why do we waste one thing that are so little
You are one person so live life
The world is open for you
God can only judge me, he can only judge you
No one can say different

The unforgiving can pass
The un-healing can’t heal
The healing can forgive, but…..
Being the un-healing but also forgiving
You can never really be happy

People’s thoughts, action, and comments
Can only affect an open un-healing heart
Others can live and surpass, and go on
The open un-healing heart has troubles and problems
The future is a path covered by fog, for a open un-healing heart
The people are the fog and I am the path ware I’ll go I will never know

The author's comments:
just a thought of me
and what i think

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