touch through me eyes

July 16, 2010
By Anonymous

why is it that all i can think of is to be held so near.
and all the other kids have had this before.
why are they so much better than i?
that they can have everything i can only touch through my eyes.
i long for him to hold me, and keep me by his side.
to hold me in the night, and say its going to be alright.
why is something so little as that, so important?
just to know that your admired is such a desire in every womens eye.
a mere dream, for me, will never be fulfilled.
for a reason i dont know.
because i have forgotten all the costs, and drive is holding me back.
i see him there, i can here him where only the fear in me is avalible.
and only him is whats truly haunting me.

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