Its The Hotest Loves That Have The Coldest Ends, But Leads To A New Beginning ? ( Making Amends)

July 16, 2010
As The Leaves Start To Depart With Their Trees,
I Stroll And Reminise.

Ipod Loud And Heart Heavy,
Bass Boomin' Keeps My Thoughts In From The Outside Distraction.

Our Song Turns On And I Start To Feel Cold.
Not Even The Nevada Heat Could Warm My Heart That Has Been Turned Past Cold.

I Listen To The Beat.

Melody Strumming My Soul,
Emotions Turning Into Dust.

My Fingers Freeze,
From Turning To The Next Scene

As If The Music Was Speaking To Me.

A Hole Where My Heart Used To Be
Tells Me That Maybe It Was Only Lust.

Love Lost Will Lead Me To A New Love Found.

Brused Past
And Scared Heart

I Can Feel Something New Is Bound To Start.
Don't Look Back Because Im Now Too Far Too Even Try And Reverse My Tracks.

Im Aware, Its Not Fair,
But My New Will Now Have To Pay For What You've Left In Debt.

He Will Be.
He Must.

After A Never Needed Wanna Be Love Affair It Takes Time To Trust.

Walking Onto The Battlefield With My Sword Put Aside,
Arms Open Wide....

Mistake I Can't Take Back
But A Lesson Learned Means The Time Spent Was Never Wasted.

All Broken Hearts Get Mended It Just Takes A Little Time...

It Used To Rain All Day
And The Burning Sun Would Keep Me Lying Awake At Night,

A Reversed World With Nothing But Hopes Left In the Dust
And Grey Clouds In The Sky-

Is Becoming Silver Lined With A Trace Of A Rainbow Near By....
As Soon As The Colors In The Sunset Fade... Ill Make Sure To Call You Tonight. <3

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