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July 15, 2010
By unt0uchable389 BRONZE, Emerson, New Jersey
unt0uchable389 BRONZE, Emerson, New Jersey
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I’m traveling through a tunnel and I think I see a light
But I really don’t need another fight
And it’s not too hard to see, that it’s just another fantasy
That were all living in, but is that really livin’
Or are we just breathing and existin’
It’s just some fake game made up and played up to be something that it’s not
Cause that world won’t lead you to happiness, it will just let you rot
In your own sorrow and (over) aggression which will turn into frustration and depression
I’ve walked both roads and its clear to see, that the one less traveled is the road for me
Don’t take that gun and cock it, just let the magazine down and put it in your pocket
Toss that chrome into the river and let the waters erode away the hate built up inside
Yeah sure, someone close might have lied or hurt you so bad that you thought you were going mad
But that ain’t no reason to spread the hate, just sit down and negotiate (your issues)
Cause bad leads to worse and that is a curse, like a vicious cycle destroying disciples of good things like productivity and empathy
And sometimes it seems like the holes getting deeper and deeper everyday
And no matter how hard you pray hope seems to just slip away
But there will always be a way, you just gotta keep pushing and climbing
Because nothing lasts forever especially not your trials and tribulations
And once you get out of that hole and see the light you just might understand this world and realize we don’t have to fight

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