July 15, 2010
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I have loved; I have not misplaced,
Yet I have underestimated all things-

Strength, however small,
Of mind, body, and soul,
Of volition, of force,
Of the molecule of hope,
Hoping to maintain its form,
Because to exist in another way is of Mystery’s control,
Not its own
Such strength, I’ve never known-
But recollections will unfold,
And soften the creases,
And what has never been lost, is found

Ability, of all tasks-
Tests, burdens, and bliss
Kissing, wishing,
And forgiveness, when needed,
And to seek beauty in all,
Profound or insubstantial,
Just to find that insignificance never existed-
Perhaps I have just been wrong

Some say it is best to lose love,
Because Life, without love,
Is lost
But I believe it cannot be-
Love cannot escape,
Whether ability or strength has been neglected,
And trust has been completely broken;
Hearts do not beat, synchronically, or,
Intrigue accepts monotony,
The truth remains the same:

Love cannot be misplaced

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