Nonsensical Radiator

July 15, 2010
By beautifullyclueless GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
beautifullyclueless GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
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So, when you go, go out in love and don't go out in hate.
Beware the radiator's glove,
and watch the frowns abate.

For it matters not what has been done,
because this is the end.
See the irate monkey draw his gun,
my Dear, what do you send?

You must clasp your neighbor in embrace,
for it will be your last.
Observe the obligatory face
refuse poisoned repast.

And do not let your last breath be drawn
in bitterness or spite,
dance a waltz above the leprechaun,
enjoy the posie's plight.

For if,indeed,tis' your time to go,
why not go out in joy?
We shall kick and scream and tell them "no!"
and eat our beans of soy.

True, life can be a beautiful dream,but death is when we wake.
The movement with which the waters teem
belies the morbid rake.

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