Worth Living

July 27, 2010
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Well, the first thing I remember
Was a ball of shining light,
A pain within my backside,
And all I asked was why?
What have I come into?
Why does this life start out with pain?
I was lost in my confusion,
My tears like bullet rain.
Well, life’s got no less confusing,
At least that’s the way it seems,
All the people just want power,
But only get it in their dreams.
No one knows the reason
Why their floating with the tide,
We decided that the moment comes
When time and space collide.
Well, I was sitting next to two men,
One was dying one was dead,
And the one that was still going
Had set fire to his head,
He screamed “Death is out to get me!”
And the fire reached his brain,
He asked “What’s the point in trying,
When there’s nothing left to gain?”
Well, I am still uncertain,
And I hope that God’s forgiving,
But I know that I know one thing,
And that’s this life is sure worth living.

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