July 27, 2010
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Every coin has two sides,
Heads and tails.
Some days the coin flips just right,
Landing on a perfect heads.
The day is light,
Laced with smiles, laughter, and joy.
Some days the coin flips badly,
Landing dead on tails.
The day is dark,
Containing frowns and upset feelings.
Some days it falls on an edge,
Bordering between heads and tails.
Mixed feelings dilute the air,
Confusion surrounds you.
It seems more often than not,
The coin keeps landing on an edge.
Perhaps your coin’s retirement is near.
Make some changes.
Change your nickel to a dime,
Change the way you flip it,
Or change the way you look at it.
Accept the confusing edges,
Or keep trying until those heads show up again.
Shine up your coin,
Because maybe to you it’s just another coin,
But to someone else,
It’s a lucky find.

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