Subconscious Mysteries

July 18, 2010
By Anonymous

There are so many things
That flutter and race through my mind
Every single day,
That I forget in an instant.
So much emotion, and pure energy
That passes through, and I lose complete track of.
One emotion, thought, picture, idea, dream, melody,
Replaced by another, of more or less overall worth,
Lost before I’ve even processed it all fully.
Where does it all go?
Do my old thoughts linger in the air around my ears?
Do they escape into the pages of my diary?
What of the thoughts I simply only half finish?
Do they lay among the old dolls and books
From my childhood?
Where do all the wasted, and un-wasted, moments
In my whole life go?
Do the moments of my life
Dance among the glinting silver mirrors
On the ocean at night?
Do my memories turn into the quiet whispers
That keep me awake at night at times,
Keeping me mind running on and on
A little longer, before I am pulled beneath
The raw surface, into the deepest depths,
The recesses, of all these little ideas and thoughts
And I begin to dream,
Is that when they reach full meaning?
When they really have not meaning at all?

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