Little Brother

July 18, 2010
My dearest Bubbie,
An annoying little pest you’ve always been.
Quite a little pain, sometimes I just want to snap your neck.
You know I’ve always put the blame on you when I messed up,
yet you take it with no hesitation.
(still shocks me till this day how when mom thinks you did it, she doesn’t yell)

I’m kind of jealous of you sometimes,how after me came you at exactly… four years, 88 days, 6 hours, 37 minutes, and 44 seconds
and I wasn’t the baby anymore;
now you get all the attention I yearn for.
In a way I despise you;
but then again if you hadn’t come
I wouldn’t have anyone to look up to me.
A role model I became, thanks to you;you made me and so I’ll take this jobwith no hesitation; (that’s what you taught me).
And I promise you one thing
I’ll always be there to:

Pray for you in your times of need

Help you with your homework when mom isn’t around

Cook you dinner, when no one is home

Make you smile when no one else can’t; you do the same for me with your Quagmire impressions; I always thought those were the best and quite hilarious

Pack your lunch for the next day, cause I know you’d do the same for me

Cheer you on at your baseball games, cause I know that’s where you love to be and shine the most

Give you girl advice for when you start dating; after being raised by four women we all expect you to pick the best
But in the end

I thank you,

for if you hadn’t come along

my life wouldn’t be the same…

without you.

With love,

your big sister

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