You Don't Just Leave Someone You Love

July 18, 2010
By , lalaland, UT
You walked away, you left, let go of him, and made it all a show.
You thought you’d imprisoned his heart, locked away the key, and never planned on his parole.
You should know by now, if you love someone, you don’t just go.
You left, and your memory, your love, it faded away, as it inevitably would do.
You walked out, expecting him to never forget, never to be free of your control.
All I know is I never really knew you,
But hurting your feelings, becoming enemies? Wasn’t ever my plan, this was all you.

Maybe I care too much to go with the flow,

But I’m not going to stand aside, I’m not letting your havoc reap its toll.
I refuse to allow people I love be hurt, wounded, taken away, so,
I know he loved you,
He loved you deep in his soul.
But you never thought he could love me more, or that I love him too.
All you ever thought of was you.

You were always that girl, the one with the glow.
A girl I could have been friends with, who everyone saw as a whole.
The girl as sweet and as bitter as snow.
That girl who held her friends together like glue,
The very one who had a soul that simmered like burning coal,
So filled with jealousy, instead of green, you turned blue.
Suffocating in anger…your plans fell straight through.

Now you have to watch our love grow,
Listen to the final hour on your clock take its toll,
And now your true self has begun to show
Its vengeful, ugly head, an old secret, finally we all knew.
I’m the one he loves, the one he wants to extol.
I’m the Cinderella that fits his shoe…
I’m the one who he loves, and we‘re together, two.

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