July 18, 2010
As my eyes open to the place of perfection,
I see him.
I am admiring of him as I ponder to myself.
Could he really be the one?
I take one step closer and i notice his features..
Everything looks so real and at the same time all so similar..
I try to focus but my mind wonders pondering on who this perfection has been sent from..
As i study the features again I notice the same eyes, the same smile, the same perfection..
I run to him wanting to just fall into his arms, and for him to make me fall into that state of mind i get in when we touch..
As i get closer he suddenly looks different..
Is this something new?
Am I losing all perfection?
He looks to me as if i am nothing..
I get to him and see the love I use to always believe in has fallen right before me.
I reach for him< fall to my face, and look up to notice he is gone..
My life, my dreams, my world, all fell to the ground with me..
I lie there pondering..
Was I that blind?
Where does this love thing end..?
Was it ever real..
As I crashed to the ground I looked up to see my perfect world now nothing but blur and confusion, and i am left there helpless to find my way out..
and to heal my shattered heart..

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