My dearest Grief

July 15, 2010
By yanas SILVER, Sebastopol, California
yanas SILVER, Sebastopol, California
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My dearest Grief,
It seems we have endured much together.
Your smell used to layer my clouths like snake skins,
It used to parade on my bed sheets and engulf the smell of things lovely,
Your hand used to be permanently laced through my fingers,
As you would incessantly, silently glide next to me,
As if an invisible thread webbed us together at the hip.
I would hear the minor timbre of your voice resonate against the walls of my mind,
So much i placed a taste to your utterance, your murmur.
I grew accustomed to your appearance,
The gray garb of your shawl, the oatmeal color of your skin.
I memorized your eyes, the downward turn of your lips.
i shped my life around you, Grief, formed my days to your "pleasure".
Then, i grew strong.
I bleached my clothes from the stain your odor left,
Uncurled your fingers from my hand,
Sliced the cords that attached us.
I replaced your voice with those who loved me, and learned to taste their songs.
It hurt me, leaving you.
I have wounds from cutting you out, scars to remember you by.
But now, thats all you are- a ghost in my memory, my dear, dear Grief.
Sincerely, Happy.

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