1 Day

July 15, 2010
By NatalieD. GOLD, Orlando, Florida
NatalieD. GOLD, Orlando, Florida
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The forecast of my mind is gray
And the backside creates perfect affairs
Where this will never happen.
My hope in you has abandoned myself and
I sink into this feeling,
I won’t even bother.
I am nothing to you.
And in upcoming days when you see my face
I will be nothing but a face
Because you have always been a memory and so have I-I will never find you.
When I close my eyes among the dark I hope to find you there
But you have ran away, or maybe that was me…

We are only troubled teens.

One day I will die alone and
You will not be there to cry.

You will not be there at all.

The author's comments:
When I was writing this poem it was late at night and to tell you the truth I wanted it to be longer. I had, in my mind, a list of things I wanted to talk about and some of the other things it would say, but it didn’t turn out that way. Where this poem ends is where I couldn’t write anymore. I’m not so sure why but I just couldn’t go on writing. I couldn’t write anymore about this. So I closed my notebook and threw my pen on the floor. I usually read over the poems I write immediately after I finish writing them but this time I didn’t. I went to bed. Two days later I was picking up the notebooks off my floor and decided to read this poem. I realized it was perfect. It ended right where it needed to end and if I kept going one with it then it probably wouldn’t have been as good.

I wanted to talk about the title of this poem. I like to trick my readers sometimes on what I mean in my writing. The name of this poem is “1 Day”. There is a line in this poem that says “One day I will die alone”. When you read this line the words “one day” may be interpreted as “someday”, such as “someday I will have enough money to pay the bills.” Well this is the correct way to interpret that, however that is not the way the title should be interpreted. The title simply means one day. Literally just 1 day. Do you see the difference? Most people after reading this poem might connect that particular line “One day I will die alone” and the title of the poem to each other, thinking that I got the title from that line and they mean the same thing as in ‘someday”. That is not true. The title and that one line in the poem are not connected in any way and therefore should not be connected in your mind. They do not have the same content.

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