Deep in the Sand

July 15, 2010
The ground that shapes around my shoes
Disintegrates into fine gray dust
That tans from the sun
And grabs at my ankles, taking me in.
The sand that molds around my shoes
blows into my face and fades away
Because the wind is too strong and
The surface is weak,
This ground is causing me to sink.
I walk where the pictures flash continuously
Where behind my eyes they sing to me,
The color of sky is my window, my screen
Where I can see your footsteps walk away from me,
carved into the ground, mud that won't wash away
They are all the cars that drive their own ways,
I walk where the wind is your fighting strong
But it's gone, all gone, and you blow away the marks I make.
My steps are deep, created in sand but the sun burns deep and your
breath is erasing.
So when my legs are strong and mark the earth with pride
I take another step
Looking behind
But you are the wind once fighting for me
Now you are the breath erasing the steps,

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