One September Morning

July 15, 2010
The pain of that
Dark September morning
Still rings true
In the hearts of millions.

The rage of that
September Morning
Fell down on all of US
Like that plume of smoke
That was OUR towers;
A terential downpour
Of hatred across the nation,
Plunging US into a hell
Full of darkness, uncertainty,
And most of all
R E A L I T Y.

But the hope from that
One September day
Still spreads like an
Infectious disease
To everyone.
The downpour that has now become
A light, beautiful spring rain.

WE did not falter
on that Dark September morning.
WE did not fall
On that Dark September day.
WE UNITED as a nation
After that one September morning.
WE rose from the Pheonix Twins' ashes
On that one September day.

Because WE are
The land of the FREE,
Home of the BRAVE.
ONE nation.
Under GOD.
For ALL.

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