July 14, 2010
By Pantherluck BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Pantherluck BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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To live for yourself is great but to live for yourself and others ,epecially those important lost ones, is an amazing feat-Written by me kristen


Wind flowing over my face
Lifting my hair lightly





To mind

A memory of what I labeled as happiness
Brings my mind further into a drift
A question comes to mind

What is the true meaning of happiness?

The more thinking I do the more definitions I get

Happiness is like a warm sweet treat on a cold day

Happiness is a warm feeling in your heart

Happiness is a feeling you have when with your true love

Happiness is a feeling with no regrets or no mistakes

A conclusion comes to mind, it’s different for each person
Each finds a different meaning along their life

The question that will remain until each finds pure happiness in their life
Each must find their own definition of happiness

The author's comments:
No dictionary can tell you what happiness is and no one can tell you what your happiness is. You choose your happiness no one else. Alsways remember that and you will feel so much lighter not having to worry about if your feeling happiness or not. Your happiness matter and you define your happiness, it can be the smallest thing like hot coco on a cold day surround by people you love or it can be the happiness of the people around you or it can just be whenever your having fun!

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