The perfect vision

July 14, 2010
By Pantherluck BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Pantherluck BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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To live for yourself is great but to live for yourself and others ,epecially those important lost ones, is an amazing feat-Written by me kristen

A slight breeze lifting my hair in this calming weather
A rough yet soft feeling between my fingers in toes, relaxing warmth
Cool scenery of a grey cloudy sky mixing with the bluish-grey water at the horizon
A sound of water washing up around me
A taste of salty air makes my eyelids grow heavy
A smell of crisp water surrounding me

Alone and peaceful
No one around just me
Indulging in my five senses
This perfect vision
The perfect moment
Calming, relaxing
No need to think
No need to worry
No need for emotions
Tempting to stay for eternity
To let this moment last forever

Yet it is an impossible feat
Reality and time pull me from this beautiful moment
The relaxing scenery
The sleepy calming taste
The constant sound of calming water
The feeling of cold and warmth, rough and soft together
The relaxing crisp smell of the wind
Must be left to rejoin reality

The author's comments:
I love the beach when no ones there in the morning and its winter so the sky is a beatfiul cool calming color. To decribe scenery when Im having the hardest times to calm myself and get back to my mindset it feels so relaxing and amazing to let go. A lot of people have so much stress that its making them crazy and scared i suggest to those types of people to stop for a while and just think of a scenery that you find so calming and relaxing, let you mind go dont think dont let any emotions in just be in a blank mood then slowly come back to reality.

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